20/20 Report on Graphic Design: John Stossel

I was recently looking through some graphic design videos on YouTube and came across a short 20/20 segment with John Stossel.  I was very interested to view this clip because 20/20 does well with their research, journalism, and providing tips for informative segments.  Well.... to my surprise, I was a little upset in how Stossel reported graphic design to his 20/20 viewers. Stossel spoke about graphic design for a measly 82 seconds. (Scratch that, 43 seconds!) As if it was a report on how to scrap gum off the sidewalk.

I suppose you could say I'm being dramatic, or I must not have anything better to do... Well, you're wrong. Sunday Night Football is on in 30 minutes. Anyway, take a look for yourself. I for one think a report on graphic design should last at least 10 minutes. Graphic Design is all around us, it drives marketing for products, it drives campaigns, it can also drive the way we think and feel. I'm just sad that the segment on graphic design was reported as a joke.

Lame. Right? Thanks a lot Stossel. (Clip from 2006)